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Sunday, 02 November 2003 19:00

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Dee Snider has achieved his desire. To come up with a worthy equivalent to the Christmas Spirit of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This desire, albeit a dark and insidious one has led to the creation of "Van Helsing's Curse". Oculus Infernum is indeed a soundtrack for Halloween. It is moody, creepy and sounds powerful on the recording. It is Dee's hope to make this a touring company similar to the TSO sometime next year. I am only imagining if he does it properly, this will be a spectacle to behold.

Tubular Hell starts off the opus, and amidst an eerie narration by Dee, the tale is told of an evil spirit among us once again. Other portions of the music include Hall Of The Mountain King, and the Omen along with a symphonic and operatic version of Black Sabbath. That impressed me a lot. Among the performers are Mark Wood who tours with the TSO on violin and Joe Franco, former Twisted Sister and Good Rats on the drums. I look forward to seeing this brought to life next year and recommend fans of the TSO and Twisted Sister or anything outright spooky to go check this out. The bands website is so visit soon.

My gripe, the story should have been outlined more in the book and included more pics and details. It is nice, but its skint.

Four out of Five Stars

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